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Our History

Our firm was founded in 1880 under the names of the original partners Garfield and Edwards.  Since that time, the firm has been home to several skilled attorneys over the years dedicated to providing effective representation of our clients.  Most recently, the firm was home to Steve Sandblom who retired in 2012 and Brian Johnsen who retired in 2014. Andy Lemmenes and Brandon Dodgen are the current active attorneys in the office.


The firm’s philosophy is based on service to our clients and our community.  With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we strive to perform competent, prompt and professional legal services.  We also strive to be of service to the public as members of civic groups and various organizations.


We are a general practice law firm with an emphasis on estate planning and probate.  Our other areas of practice include: real estate, business formation, taxes, personal injury, auto accidents, criminal law, and juvenile law.

We look forward to serving you by providing excellent legal services.


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Serving Iowa:

Lemmenes & Dodgen practices primarily in Humboldt County, Pocahontas County, Webster County, and the surrounding areas.  

Practice Areas:
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